Meet Stu

Stu Johnson photo

Stuart P. Johnson, PhD

Stu is principal of Stuart Johnson & Associates, a communications consulting firm aimed at “making information make sense.” Centered on research, writing and presentation, his work has included a wide range of work, from strategic planning and staff development training to graphic design and website development.

For twenty-five years, Stu taught in the Communications Department at Wheaton College (IL), managed the college radio station, and for the last ten years of his tenure was Director of Communication Resources, which operated the radio station, a state of the art audio and video studio complex (for which he chaired the design committee), and provided media support to the faculty and all events on the campus.

As a consultant, one of Stu’s first major projects was leading School District 47 in Crystal Lake, Illinois through a multi-year project to develop and begin the implementation of a technology plan. Some of Stu’s more recent clients and projects have included Tyndale House Publishers (bestseller research, data analysis, writing website content, editing book material), Waterfront Media (senior editor for a weekly e-newsletter), Simba Information (bestseller reports and data analysis), J. R. Bowker (data analysis), and Vibrant Living Communities and Covenant Retirement Communities (design and management of two websites for second-half adults).

Stu and Barbara first crossed paths through a network of trainers. Stu began providing Barbara with support for some of her work. In the training arena Stu has led seminars in a variety of topics, but just as often helped other trainers develop materials, from PowerPoint® presentations to workshop manuals, promotional materials and websites.