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e all face challenges in life and have opportunities to test our character. Some people do that in a way that inspires others—they become role models, even heroes. Some are widely known because they are in the public eye. Others may be much closer to home, but play an even more important part in providing examples that help shape our lives.

My Hero—A chance to honor someone who has inspired you

photo of Grandma and Granddaughter

Throughout our lives each of us comes in contact with, or are inspired by, people whose positive characteristics make an impression on us. But rarely do we get the opportunity to identify who they are and how they have made a difference in how we conduct our own lives. We would like you to have an opportunity to honor an individual who has been a hero to you, someone who provided you with a Positive Role Model for “Living Longer & Living Better.”

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Role Models—Inspiration from others

photo of John Glenn

In The Psychology of Living Longer & Living Better™ each chapter will feature one or two short Role Model examples, most of which look at someone in public life who represents principles covered in that particular chapter.

Our main focus right now is to build up the My Hero stories. In the future, we will also be looking to expand this section. However, if you see something that is similar to the examples here, use the Contact Us form to let us know by providing a web link or citing a publication.

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Stories—Learn from other's experiences; share your own

A significant part of The Psychology of Living Longer & Living Better™ is the use of stories to illustrate principles of optimal living. Since there are more stories than will fit in the book, we'll share more of them here—referencing the success principles they illustrate. You will also have the opportunity to submit your own stories.

This feature will come a little later. What you can participate in now is the My Hero project (above).