Hints for submitting your My Hero story

See the current My Hero collection for examples

Before you proceed, organize your thoughts. You will be asked the following:

  • My connection with the person. This could be someone you know personally, a historical figure, or a public figure from sports, business, politics, entertainment, etc.
  • The positive character traits that made a lasting impression on you.
  • The story, with relevant background and one or more examples of how the person applied positive character traits in his/her own life.
  • Your own application of these modeled traits.
  • What would you say to this person regarding the impact on your plan for "Living Longer & Living Better"?

Identification—In order to validate your submission, we will ask for basic contact information from you.

You will be identified by name and location, with the option of showing only your first name ("Jane Doe, Seattle WA," or "Jane, Seattle WA").

Your hero can also be identified by full name (preferred) or first name only. In some cases it may be appropriate to use a fictitious name (which we will provide). Fictitous names should only be used where the person's life could be endangered by revealing his/her identity—for esample, a person facing persecution.

Other things you should know.

Authorship—This form is intended for reflection on your personal experience. If you find other material on the web that could be appropriate, please use the Contact Us form to send us the link and a brief description.

Rights and Attribution—by making your submission you allow us to use your My Hero story on the website and in other LLLB publications. You will be credited with the submission using the name identification described above.

Length and Editing—Limit your responses to the space on the form. We reserve the right to edit submissions. If we feel a submission would require extensive editing to be acceptable, we will make suggestions for changes.

Photos—we can locate photos of public figures. If you submit a personal connection and have the permission of that person, you can submit a photo when we inform you that the story has been accepted.

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